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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Simple Bridesmaid Dress / Vestido Sencillo para Dama de Honor

Wedding Creations 3: More Ruffles...More Romance...
Creaciones de Boda 3: Más Olanes... Más Romance...A simple T-shirt pattern and jersey fabric can also play dress up!
¡Con un simple patrón de playera y tela de algodón se puede vestir de gala!


  1. congrats, Claudia. I believe you were mentioned on Ruffles and Stuff!!

  2. Hey Su!!!! Yep, I was mentioned, I´m happy...and smiling...and giddy...I´m so worn out from wedding sowing, it´s ridiculous... Hope you liked the simple, as simple can get bride´s maid dress!
    Saludos, Clau