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Monday, October 11, 2010

Messy Mommy Needs Time Out! / ¡Mamita Necesita un Tiempo Fuera!

It´s that time of day. My hair is ALL over the place, my makeup is closer to looking like rings under my eyes than anything helpful, I feel 10 years older than I did this morning. I could easily fall asleep right now. But there´s dinner to make, showers to take, a 10 year old to scold, a 4 year old to chase around the house and snotty noses to clean...
Es esa hora del día. Mi cabello está más allá de la salvación, mi maquillaje parece más ojeras que algo que pudiera beneficiar mi aspecto físico, me siento 10 años más vieja que hoy por la mañana. Podría fácilmente dormirme ahora. Pero hay cenas que preparar, baños que dar, un niño de 10 que regañar, otra de 4 que perseguir y mocos que limpiar...

But isn´t that what it´s all about... being a messy mommy, loosing control once in a while and lovin´the hell out of my babies? I´ll sleep when they go off to college. For now, back to real life.
¿Pero no es de eso lo que se trata... ser una mamá desordenada, con cierta pérdida de control y harto amor por sus bebés? Ya dormiré cuando se vayan a la universidad. por ahora, de regreso a la vida real.


  1. so true sweetie, I definitely sleep more now than I did when mine were little, it's just all part of it!

  2. you are absolutely gorgeous! i just found your blog and I just love all the pictures and the stories and the bilingual aspect of it. I look forward to seeing all the new projects and pictures. I would also like more information about the day of the dead.

  3. Thankyou Faye! Your comment is one of those I would frame if i were a tid-bit more mentally unstable!!! You gave me a major boost! I´m happy-felíz you liked my blog so much. Tonight is the night where everyone goes out to visit the "panteon" (cementary) and I´m definitely gonna head out with my camera hoping I won´t offend anyone...I´ll be posting soon! Wish me luck! Big Latin Hug! Clau