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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Victorian Melancholy / Melancolía Victoriana

I just had to capture these melancolic moments with my camera... I´ve always seen my baby girl as "vintage beautiful", like something out of a Victorian novel...
Simplemente tuve que caturar estos melancólicos momentos con mi cámara...siempre he visto a mi nena como una "belleza antigua", como alguien salida de una novela victoriana...


  1. Oh, precious girl, why so sad? The pictures are great. It's good to help our kids remember that sometimes we have bad days...and then tickle them until they smile again. :)

  2. I actually got my "nena" to smile again about 3 seconds later... she can´t help it when i go goofy on her!!! LOVE your comments....gracias!