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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I love being inspired. I´m easily inspired by certain combinations of sensations, colors and even certain words put together. This post makes me happy because it reunites all three of these inspirational senses: photography by Tomato Kisses (doesn´t that sound simply delicious?!) and a fashion video by Gary Pepper Vintage (looove the way those 3 words simply roll off my tongue!) Nothing like beautiful eye candy to start off the week. Enjoy!

Amo estar inspirada. Me inspiro con facilidad con la combinación de sensaciones, colores y hasta con palabras unidas de cierta manera. Este post me hace sentir sonrisas porque reúne estas tres inspiradoras sensaciones: fotografía por Tomato Kisses y un "fashion video" de Gary Pepper Vintage. Nada como dulce para la vista para comenzar bien la semana. ¡Que lo disfruten!
by: Tomato Kisses
by: Gary Pepper Vintage

Lux Mundi by Gary Pepper Vintage from Chad Waldron on Vimeo.

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