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Saturday, July 23, 2011

single daddy makes a home / papá soltero hace un hogar

My little brother is making a little home for him and his little girl. He moved in yesterday, and today I stopped by to try and help him with the decor. I didn´t expect the place to be so surreal!

So much vintage potential!

I couldn´t believe the view and couldn´t get enough of the floor tiles!!!!

Jumping back to my comment about the surreal characteristics of his little home, I didn´t mention how we actually got to the front door of his cute little apartment. We walked into what seemed to be someone else´s home, right through their laundry room (right through the middle!), then down 70 flights of stairs. 70. We counted. As we decended into what seemed to be a 70´s (70 DOES seem to be the number of the day!) version of an Escher painting, we walked past large window panes that lead to other people´s living rooms, people who didn´t seemed the least bit surprised to see absolute strangers walking right by they´re family breakfast. They all just seemed as happy as could be, smiling and waving! We seemed to be walking down into some place dark, but then, after about 50 steps, everything opened up, and started making sense (a Twilight-Zone-kind-of sense, not actual, normal-people-kind-of sense) and after about 20 more steps we arrived at this little door.

We spent about 2 hours trying to rearrange his mini loft, and, when it was time to leave, we walked back UP those 70 steps (only to reconfirm that their were in fact 70 steps, and that it still seemed just as weird as on the way down). Loved the place!


  1. Sounds like a dream and yes, very surreal. I'm sure you will help him to make it a very charming and comforting home. :)