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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sick little girl

With our major production for the design Fair only 1 day away... my little girl is in bed with a high fever and can´t seem to keep anything down. She threw up all over my friend´s car on the way back from school...poor amiga...poor chiquita! Now caos is officially kicking in. There are SO many things I have to get done but can´t cause I can´t leave my baby´s side. I guess now would be the time to breathe and take things 1 second at a time.

Con nuestra mega producción para el bazar de diseñadores a solo un día... mi pequeñita está en cama con una fiebre alta y no logra mantener nada en el estómago. Vomitó el coche de mi amiga de regreso de la escuela... pobre de mi amiga... ¡pobre de mi chiquita! Ahora el caos comienza a intentar apoderarse de mi vida. Hay TÁNTAS cosas que debo hacer pero no puedo, porque no me puedo separar de mi nena. Supongo que ahora sería momento de respirar profundo y tomar la vida un segundo a la vez.


  1. Wishing you better health for your little one, and extra time to get all your projects finished.

  2. thankyou sweet Chris... is actually 4:30 am here and I´m in bed with my little one and, as you probably guessed, my laptop. This way I can stay awake and monitor her fever. Doc´s appointment first thing tomorrow morning. It´s mean virus... poor thing. As always, thankyou for your kind and sweet words. Big hug. Clau

  3. Hugs to your little girl. I know how hard it is to see your little ones sick. Lily has asthma and I know the feeling of always being up at night a little to well :( I will be praying for her quick recovery :)

  4. gracias Yoly! Well it turned out to be quiet an ordeal! She ended up at the hospital and had to spend the night, but she´s back home and happy, playing and laughing, even though she won´t be going to school just yet, but she´s ok. Big Hug and thankyou for your prayers!LOVE, Clau