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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turning 35: Part 2 / Cumpliendo 35: Parte 2

A Birthday and an Anniversary!

¡Un Cumpleaños y Un Aniversario!

My sweet/camera shy husband took me shopping again for my special birthday present...from him to muá...! And me, I´ve been planning a very heart felt secret for our anniversary... almost there... promise to share every photo!...5 days and counting!

Mi dulce esposo, enemigo de las cámaras, me llevó de compras hoy por mi cumple...para ese regalo especial de él para mi! Y yo he estado planeando un sorpresa especial para nuestro aniversario.. ya casi llega el gran día... ¡prometo compartir cada photo!... Cuenta regresiva: ¡5 días!

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What we wore:
"La Lagunilla" Finds!

Lo que usamos:
¡"Tesoros de La Lagunilla"!

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  1. Happy Birthday Claudia! You are going to love being 35 :)I love your outfit!

  2. awwww, congrats on the anniversary sweetie :)

  3. you are always in the hip-est clothes!!! Love it! I think those pants are insanely awesome! Magnifico!

  4. Elena! Thanks for your awsome, and self-esteem-boosting comment! BUT... I am not always in the hippest clothes. I try, just cause if i don´t, this fashion-loving little latina whithers. Confession:This week I´ve had THE worst hair days in Claudita history and have been so busy,(and taking care of constantly vomiting 5 year old) that i basically walk around in my jeans and T uniform...on a GOOD day! Still... lovin´ all the love! Have a great day, beautiful! Clau