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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday City Pics / Fotos de Sábado en la Ciudad

Mexico City
Ciudad de México

Unknown Mami


  1. Me enanta cada uno! I love every one of these photos. What I wouldn't give to see Mexico DF again!!

  2. Hola Claudia!
    No puedo creer que hasta tenemos "amigas" en común y no te había encontrado antes. Llegue a tu blog a traves de un comentario que hiciste en el blog de Elena. Y vaya suerte la mia!! Estoy fascinada ya por lo que he leido. Que emocionante que vivas en el DF! I can't wait to read more of your life and adventures. And your two little ones are adorable. Following :)

  3. Hola Vivian! Bienvenida!!!! Me encanta que hayas llegado aquí, the more the merrier! I´ll hop on by to visit you later!
    I don´t actually live in Mexico City, I go there often because I live 45 minutes away... I have a farmgirl/citygirl heart, so I can´t stay away from the chickens, the trees and "huertito" for too long, but I love a little bit of culture an action once in a while...
    Thanks for following!!!
    un abrazo!

  4. Love the pattern on the legs. Pants, tights, leggings? Also love the background on the blog. You do have great style.

  5. your photos are so pretty! thanks for linking up with the simple things...it was lovely stopping by your blog this week. :)

  6. Mamita Desconocida!!! Wow! Quite honored by your "you do have great style¨ comment! The pants: my new must-be-bold-to-use-corduroy-pants. I love them silly and can´t wait to create a post just about them. Isn´t the fabris ouy yhere delicious? Thankyou SO MUCH for stopping by and gracias again!

  7. Hola Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment! I´m actually very excited about joining you in "a month in photos"! (put that pretty little button of yours in the sidebar)
    big hug!