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Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Boy with Big Talent / Niño Pequeño con Gran Talento

This is G.
My boy.
The sweetest almost-12-year-old life could have blessed me with.
He´s got a huge heart
and the talent to match it.
I asked him to design a tattoo I want done
representing and celebrating
the gift of motherhood...
no one could have done it better.
It will be an honor to have images created by my sweet son
accompany me forever.

Este es G.
Mi niño.
El más dulce jovencito-de-casi-12-años con el cual la vida me bendijo.
Tiene un corazón enorme
y un talento igual de grande .
Le pedí que me diseñara un tatuaje que me quiero hacer
representando y celebrando
el regalo de la maternidad...
nadie lo pudo haber hecho mejor.
Será un honor tener imágenes creadas por mi dulce hijo
acompañándome por siempre.


visit G´s little blog and let him feel the love!

¡visiten el pequeño blog de G y háganle sentir querido!



  1. felicidades Giaco, el boceto es hermosooooo,no puedo esperar para verlo convertido en tatuaje segurante lucirá muy lindo,besos !!!

  2. Wow...I love Giaco's drawing!!! I love the scalloped edges, ribbon, and of course the bear...too sweet! I hope you could join my kids art link that I just started :) Hugs

  3. awwww what an artist! You're only lucky momma!

  4. That is by far the best tattoo I've ever seen :) what a wonderful idea but to have your child design it. I never thought of getting a tattoo, only because I've never known what to get, but this is brilliant! You guys are one talented family :)