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Monday, April 2, 2012

A month in photos / Un mes en fotos


March 2012
Marzo 2012

♥ kids "camped out" in the living room / los chamacos "acamparon" en la sala
♥ we spent a beautiful Sunday in the mountains / pasamos un hermoso domingo en las montañas
♥ I shot my own Luk♥ma spring-summer 2012 lookbook... and LOVED it! / hice el lookbook primavera-verano 2012 de Luk♥ma yo solita... ¡y me encantó!
♥ mamita made her first rag rug!/ ¡mamita hiso su primera alfombra de tela!
♥ big G began his first great adventure... off to Perú / G grande comenzó su primer gran aventura... de viaje a Perú
♥ mamita had to grow up and let go / mamita tuvo que crecer y dejar ir

...all good...
... todo bien...

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a month in photos


  1. i love your vintage processing. especially the one with the horse. do you use photoshop?

  2. thanks!!! I´m addicted to it, I can´t see my pics unless I see them through a vintage eye, I even take my pictures imagining them as vintage already. I don´t use photoshop... I find it complicated, don´t get it, can´t seem to understand how I could use a vintage filter in photoshop... I amtechnologically retarded... SO, I use Pixlr. they have a vintage editing option, it´s easy, online, free, SOLD! I DO go back and forth though. Many time I don´t use only one filter, I overlap, experiment, have fun!!!! Hope this was helpful!!!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I love the rug. It's beautiful!
    I love the processing on the horse as well. Nice job!

  4. LOVELY collage! Looks like a wonderful month! Really love your blog design, btw)

  5. thankyou melanie! I´m actually obsessed with my blog design, always looking for new ways to make it look sweet and reflect my personality... so a big gracias to you for your sweet comment!