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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Lately: I am still in search of that sorely missed balance between "all my me´s". There´s the me that has a carreer she´s deeply passionate about and must help grow. There´s the me that is not willing to sacrifice family. Ever. The me that dreams of days when homemaking was my priority and there was order and control under my roof, recipes to experiment with, craft projects to plunge into with my little princess by my side. The me who loves to travel, wander into the wild. The me who misses her blog, her quiet moments of writing and sharing. The me that´s learning to be mother to a 15 year old with a mind of his own. Then there´s the me who is determined to be strong, happy ... to regain my health lost to me for the past 2 months. I can slowly see balance return, but it is a task of tiny steps on a daily basis. I must remember to, above all else, be kind to myself and part of that kindness is taking the time to organize, rest and stop to breathe.
Here are images of our family trip to the very beautiful, yet excrutiatingly hot coast of Oaxaca. Still, totally worth every minute of the 10 hour drive.




  1. Great images! Looks like it was a perfect vacation.

  2. Wow such stunning photos! It looks so magical! xx

  3. Beautiful photos and I get what you are saying completely. I feel like this from time to time too.