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Friday, August 28, 2015

Vida Voices + Me

Something wonderful and inspiring happened to me a few days ago! I recieved an invitation to collaborate with VIDA, a Google Ventures backed fashion ecommerce platform that brings together designers and makers around the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way.
VIDA is a truly beautiful project. It gives its designers the chance to convert their art into products like scarves, tops and dresses. For every VIDA product made, the company offers literacy programs for the makers in Karachi, Pakistan. These makers have the opportunity to learn reading, writing and maths, which they may not have had the opportunity to do before. This platform is also an interesting model for manufacturing in a digital age, all made better by being socially conscious.
I dove in a bit more, checked out their beautiful video and was very inspired to start working on my designs! The opportunity to make my photographs into wearable, beautiful products, in a sustainable way seduced me.
"Loneliness" is my first design to go live.  There’s still time to purchase this first design. I have to make a minimum of 3 pre-orders of each design for it to go into production. You can stop by my  Vida Voices shop and check out my first design! VIDA ships within the US as well as internationally,.  Remember pre-orders are only available for another 6 days.
I wanted to share the photos I´ve selected for the following designs, I feel they flowed wonderfully with VIDA´s elegant silk scarves and tops. I am very happy with the result and can´t wait for these to go live! I´ll keep updating as the designs go live so that we can make this come true!

 Finally, I leave you with this beautiful video that gives a clear visual of all VIDA does and implies:


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