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Monday, October 26, 2015

humans of my world

It´s been a while since my last post. This family has been through 1 surgery, 4 terrible cold´s/flu ´s and 1 busy mama working on this collection of images and applying, once again, to a LensCulture Award.
But I am finally back and ready to share. The idea for this series actually came from here, my blog. I often recieve comments on how beautiful my photographs are (heartfelt thank you´s for those comments, they keep me going!!) and what a beautiful and interesting place I live in. I always seem to chuckle a bit inside because, if I´m going to be completely honest, 2 thoughts always cross my mind:
1. If only you could actually see where I live (and what it implies).
2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Although I am not blind to the garbage, poverty and insecurity that surrounds us, I see not only the amazing natural beauty Mexico holds, but also the bitter sweet complexity within the lives and hearts of those that surround me, year after year, day after day. So, this is inherenty a part of me, my life, my reality. Not only the quiet moments of motherhood and family, our visits to the woods or the beach, our home, our blessings.
And so it was that I decided to grab my camera and walk around my town, visiting the people who have known me forever, those who have seen my children grow, who have witnessed the years and whom truly reflect the essence of this country and our reality. I somehow wanted to honor these people, this reality, these souls. Click HERE to read more about my inspiration and the story behind my muses.


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