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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini Rockin´ Boots! / ¡Mini Botas Rockeras!

This post is all about the boots. And why not?
Este post es sobre un par de botas. ¿Y porqué no?(I shouldn´t let Gala watch cartoons before going to school. She gets way too comfy.)
(No debería dejar que Gala vea caricaturas antes de salir a la escuela. Se pone demaciado cómoda.) So we´re trying to take advantage of the discounts at ZARA. I love their shoes and both Gala and I (and grandma!) went bonkers over these. Just HAD to have them and the discount was amazing. Yoooopy!!!
Estamos tratando de aprovechar los decuentos por cambio de temporada de ZARA. Amo sus zapatos y tanto Gala como yo (¡y la abuela!) nos pusimos como locas cuando vimos estas botitas. Se volvió indispensable comprarlas y el descuento fue increible. Yoooopy!!!Sorry, it´s hard to take decent pictures when you´re running late for school.
Perdón, es difícil tomar fotos decentes cuando corres tarde para la escuela.
¡Gracias nonna Emma!


  1. they are totally cool!!!!

    no le toca ponerse uniforme para la escuela?

  2. Lisa! aren´t they the cutest? Gala and Giaco go to a Montessori school...no llevan uniforme, that means they wreck a whole bunch of nice clothes, but still, I like it better like that. I don´t even know if you get these "answers" to your comments. if you do, let me know...clau

  3. Hey Claudia, I love those! Do they have adult size? :)

  4. Mornin´Su! If you have any ZARA store (or any of their other stores: Bershka or Pull N Bear) you should check them out! I don´t know if they have any online shopping options, but when I can shop (no very often) that´s the only place I do it. Style is very European and whenever I buy something there it lasts a lifetime. And yes, they have booties and the weirdest and coolest options for mommy´s feet there too! Tell me if you find something! Good luck! Clau