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Saturday, May 15, 2010

LOVE-ly Pants / Pantaloncitos y AMOR

Handmade Con Amor is daring to sell! So now, I´m starting to sew and create for different reasons. I will soon post the where and when. Wish me luck!

¡Handmade Con Amor se atreverá a vender! Así que ahora, comienzo a cocer y crear por razones distintas. Pronto postearé el cuándo y el dónde. ¡Deséenme suerte! Cute happy-pants for toddlers

Coquetos pantaloncitos-alegres para bebés


  1. good luck sweetie, are you going to try Etsy?

  2. nope... been tehere, done that...didn´t work for me... shipping and handling in mexico is ridiculous. I´m going local... once a month... let´s see how it goes! Luv ya!

  3. yeah, I didn't have any luck with Etsy either, I hope it goes well for you sweetie, you make such cute things I'm sure it will.