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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Recycle Tutorial / Tutorial de Reciclado Fashion

Let´s Recycle!
"Vestidito Campesino"
1. Old blouse, too small for Gala
1. Blusa vieja, chica para Gala

2. Pretty matching cotton fabric
2. Lindo algodón que le combina
3. Cut, cut, cut (careful, not too high though)
3. Corta, corta, corta (cuidado, no cortes tan arriba)
4. Now for the skirt:
4. Ahora para la falda:
5. Now that you have the skirt done (you should have a rectangle, ruffled at the top), pin the ruffled part, right sides facing, to the blouse...
5. Ahora que has hecho la parte de la falda (deberías tener un rectángulo, fruncido por la parte superior), sujeta con alfileres, anverso con anverso, a la blusa...

6. Sew together and then zig-zag raw ends
6. Coce ambas partes, uniendo, y finalmente rematando con zig-zag en los bordes

7. Turn right side out. It should look something like this, add a small detail if you like. I added a simple pink bow.
7. Voltea al derecho. Debería verse algo como esto, puedes agregar algún detallito si gustas. Yo le puse un simple moñito rosa.
Easy Peasy! Done in 30 minutes!
¡Facilíto! ¡Terminado en 30 minutos!


  1. this dress is too cute! I would love to wear it too! greetings from germany, geisslein

  2. I´m glad you like it! And why not make one for yourself? Why not?! It can be a sort of long blouse...those are "in" aren´t they? Well at least on my planet they are! Thanks for stopping by!