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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lazy Sunday PJ´s / Pijama de Dominguito Flojo

Lazy Sunday PJ´s Tutorial will be poppin´up on your screen this week!

¡El tutorial de Pijama de Dominguito Flojo estará listo pa salir del horno esta semana! I had one of those revealing moments this week when, as walking through the fabric store with Gala, she pulled me aside and said: "Mama, buy this fabric and make me some PJ´s, PLEASE!". I am ashamed to confess that my little princess has a closet filled with colorful dresses, cute pants and many more projects dedicated to her on my "to do" pile. But when nighty-night time comes, it´s the Cinderella Syndrome. All elegance is lost. Need I say more?... it´s a sad sight to see. Gala made me realize this in a split second. So, yes, no matter how behind I am for next weekend´s sale, I am determined to right all the wrongs that I swore she never noticed.... ´till now.

Esta semana tuve un momento revelador. Mientras caminaba por la tienda de tela con Gala, me jaló a un lado y dijo, "Mamita, compra esta tela y hazme un pijama, ¡PORFAVOR!". Me avergüenza confesar que mi pequeña princesa tiene un closet lleno de vestidos coloridos, lindos pantaloncitos, y muchos proyectos por realizar inspirados por ella, pero cuando llega la hora de la "meme", sufre del "Sindrome Cenicienta". Pierde todo glamour. No diré más... es triste verlo. Y Gala hiso que me diera cuenta de esto en un solo segundo. Asi que, sí, sin importar lo atrazada que estoy para el tianguis de este fin de semana, estoy decidida a corregir todos esos males que juré ella no notaba... hasta ahora. Keep in mind that this fabric was chosen by her, not me, her...thankyou. I wanted to make her happy, even though it ´sorta looks like a kitchen curtain, I wanted to see her smile. And it worked!
Tengan en cuenta que la tela fue escogida por ella, no por mi, por ella...gracias. Quería hacerla felíz, aunque parece más una cortina de cocina, quería verla sonreír. ¡Y funcionó!


  1. I love the bottom of these Clau, they look super cute and comfy

  2. Aw, those came out so cute. She has good taste. And, you have great talent!! :-)

  3. wow! thankyou both! Such sweet comments, simply the greatest way to start the week! Gracias chicas lindas!Clau

  4. I don't think they look like kitchen curtains at all, and I think you're fabulous for letting her choose the fabric. My 5-year-old would love some of these;I'm looking forward to the tutorial!

  5. Oh...I'm excited! I definitely need this! Cannot wait to see it! Thanks :)