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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bermudas Go Skinny!

So my very fashionable son, who will only wear skinny jeans and anything skinny I might design, has really gotten me into it. Inspired, once again, by my darling Giaco, I designed my skinny way into summer (really hot summers, like where we live). I made bermudas with a really low crotch (like harem pants taken down a notch...or two...or three) and tapered, made with light weight, yummy cotton.
Mi pequeño "fashionista", quien solo acepta usar pantalones "skinny", o cualquier cosa "skinny" que yo pudiera llegar a diseñar, me ha pegado el gusto. Inspirada, una vez más, por mi querido Giaco, diseñé unos bermudas a lo "skinny". Los hice en un algodón ligero y comodo, con el talle super bajo (como pantalones tipo Harem pero más discretos... mucho, mucho mas discretos) y entallados en el muslo.

Size 6-8 with elastic waist band and cotton cord
Talla 6-8 con elástico en la cintura y cordón de algodón


  1. These are so simple, but so sophisticated (can you say sophisticated when you're talking about boys' clothes? I hope so). The cotton looks almost like a linen. I love them! Can you tell me how far they go down on your son's legs?

  2. Oh my! tahnkyou for all the verbal candy! The thing about the length of these shorts is, they´re not made for my son. I made these as part of the collection I take to the Fair I sell at once a month. They´re made for a 7 or 8 year old and are supposed to fit just below or abouve the knee. That´s why no one is modelling them , i don´t have a 7 year old handy! Thanks for such sweet, sweet comments and taking the time! really. Clau

  3. Very Cute. I love it and would love to have you link this up at my Creative Link Share Party over at Trendy Treehouse


    Hope your having a great week. Tara