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Friday, August 6, 2010

Floor Cushion Fancy / Cojín de Piso

This floor cushion is larger than the last one. I wanted to make something comfy for girly-girl to curl up and read a Peter Rabbit book in. (Inspired by Living With Punks Floor Cushion Tutorial. Yay for Susan! Thanks again!)

24.5 inch diameter / 6 inch high / 100% cotton

Este cojín de piso es más grande que el anterior. Quise hacer algo cómodo para que nena se pudiera acurrucar a leer un libro. (Inspirado por el tutorial de cojín de piso de Living With Punks. ¡Gracias Susan!)

62 cm diametro / 15 cm de alto / 100% algodón

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  1. Love this floor cushion! Simply Fantastic!

  2. This has been on my to do list, to make a larger, squatier cushion tutorial...look for it soon :) Yours turned out great!

  3. Looks comfy! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!