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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mornings According to My Mini Man

Nuestras Mañanas Según Mi Mini Macho

No glamour, makeup or fancy involved in getting them to school early. This is how it all goes down according to my darling Giaco´s eyes:

No hay nada de glamour, maquillaje o elegancia involucrados en hacer que lleguen al cole a tiempo. Así es como se logra según los ojos de mi adorado Giaco:

from bed

de la camita

to hair and teeth

a cabello y dientes

out the door

salir por la puerta

down the stairs with a mini papparazzi in the way

bajar con un mini paparazzi atravesado en el camino

into the car

al carro

and out of the car again...and just in time to still be one of the earlybirds.

y salir del coche otra vez... a tiempo para seguir siendo uno de los tempraneros.

bye bye love!

¡adiós amor!


  1. So fun to see your day through your son's eyes...what a great idea.

  2. Thankyou Chris, I love that you always seem to be around, leaving lovely comments when i need them the most! Hug! Clau

  3. I just realized how much Giaco looks like you, he has your sweet face :)
    hugs ladybug!!!

  4. seriousely?!? I still can´t see it, but it makes real darn happy when someone else does!!!! love ya karencita, thanks for always being around even when i can´t get a second still to sit down and write an e mail...te quiero! Clau