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Friday, April 29, 2011

Missing Daddy / Extrañando a Papá

Someone wants daddy back

Alguien quiere que regrese papito

And mommy wants to make the tears and sadness disappear with hugs and kisses

Y mamita quiere que las lágrimas y la tristeza desaparezcan con abrazos y besos

Then I remember...sometimes all we need is that certain someone to just hold our hand and love us in silence

De pronto recuerdo... a veces lo que más necesitamos es que ese cierto alguien nos tome de la mano y nos ame en silencio

te amo mamita linda


  1. what a sweet post. heart melting since Papa leaves every weekend and sometimes as much as one or two months. its pretty tough on the kiddos but we gotta try our best to comfort them :) your daughter looks like her daddy too! such a sweetie! i love her hair!! Liz

  2. this little girl IS the spittin image of her papito... you´d think that after 9 months in my belly (during which the first 2 i swore i was going to die, DIE! from nausea, not even vomit, nausea!!!!, i didn´t think wanting to barf...sorry... SO much could make you feel like dying) and the pain of labor, i would deserve her lookin a BIT like me. But NOOOO, that´s just not the way the vida loca works, now is it? She´s my little belleza, better lookin than my hubby in a wig, that´s for sure!

  3. ha! i had the same difficulties with my second pregnancy. i had morning sickness for um... 7 months! i couldn't eat anything or even drink water because i actually did barf it out :(
    one of the reasons i want to close the factory after my baby girl.
    *replying to you on the last post, although its overwhelmingly beautiful the love from our kids man it can be so hard sometimes. i would hope that it gets easier once my kids are a bit older since i have a 1 and 2 year old. i think the fact that we dedicate ourselves to our kids so much makes us proud and happy because every day we are making beautiful memories!