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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New in the Shop / Nuevo en la Tiendita

More Lukuma Minifashion Autumn creations!

¡Más creaciones otoñales de Lukuma Minifashion!


  1. Beautiful designs!!! Keep up the good work Claudia :) Did u ever find out if your friend that sells shoes ships to the U.S?

  2. Hola Yoly!
    Can you believe he never answered my mail? I ALSO know that he isn´t too friendly with all this "modern form of communication"... but I will see him in our next fair and maybe I could buy them for you and have them sent...or would that be way too complicated. they cost around $350 mexican pesos, check the exchange rate and then it would probably be about $250 mexican to get them sent...check if it´s worth it and I would be happy to help! have a great one!