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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turning 35: Part 5 / Cumpliendo 35: Parte 5

The Smilin´, the Goofy and the Dancin´

Sonrisas, Babosadas y Bailadas

I spent so much time planning the perfect surprise that, quite frankly, the last thing I expected was to experience anything close to surprise myself. But my sweet sister and her hubby decided to give me a AWSOME and VERY LOUD surprise!!!! They somehow found a way to sneak 3 VERY large drums (tamboras Sinaloenses), a sax, 2 trumpets, most of their group, María Cantú, and a FIRE DUDE into my garden without me noticing, knocked my eardrums right out of my head, and got us all dancing!!! WOOOOOW! Too cool for words!

Pasé tanto tiempo planeando la sorpresa perfecta que lo último que esperaba era experimentar cualquier clase de sorpresa. ¡¡¡Pero mi dulce hermana y su maravilloso marido decidieron darme una INCREÍBLE y SUMAMENTE RUIDOSA sorpresa!!! De alguna manera encontraron forma de meter 3 tambores enormes (tamboras Sinaloenses), un sax, 2 trompetas, la mayor parte de su grupo, María Cantú y un HOMBRECITO DE FUEGO a mi jardín SIN que me diera cuenta, me volaron los tímpanos de la cabeza, y nos pusieron a todos a bailar!!! ¡WOOOOW! ¡Demaciado increíble para describir!


  1. what an amazing birthday Claudia!
    that surprise sounds epic.

    so happy to hear that you're having a beautiful life.

    you're a beautiful person and deserve nothing but the greatest things in life :)

  2. Mi amiga, you´re about as dulce y amorosa as it can get! I must say, my blog wouldn´t be as heart warming an experience as it is for me, without your presence... hope someday we have the opportunity to meet so I can give you a real-life-hug. Abrazo!!! Clau