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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Month in Photos / Un Mes en Fotos: 01-2012

Finally, the first day of February is here and that means I get to share this project I´ve been so excited about! A Month in Photos is now one of my favorite link parties hosted by Rebecca at Simple As That. She has given me the perfect excuse to organize one of the things I cherish the most: memories! Thankyou Rebecca!

¡Finalmente, ha llegado el primer día de febrero y eso significa que por fin puedo compartir este proyecto que me ha tenido tan emocionada! A Month in Photos (Un Mes en Fotos) es ahora una de mis fiestas link favoritas que realiza Rebecca de Simple As That una ves al mes. Ella me ha dado la excusa perfecta para organizar una de las cosas que atesoro mas: ¡los recuerdos! ¡Gracias Rebecca!


Monthly Highlights / Lucesitas del Mes:

We celebrated new years, as a family, by the sea /celebramos el año nuevo, en familia, a la orilla de mar
We celebrated auntie´s birthday in Coyoacán / celebramos el cumpleaños de tía en Coyoacán
We began our board games, music and baking afternoons / comenzamos nuestras tardes de juegos de mesa, música y dulces caseros
Big G´s best friend moved away (SAD) / el mejor amigo de G grande se mudó (TRISTE)
My bestfriend made me laugh till I went red in the face / mi mejor amiga me hiso reír hasta el cansancio
We never forgot to be silly / nuca olvidamos ser un poco ridículos
I thanked God everyday for my familia / le agradecí a Dios todos los días por mi familia


  1. Simply wonderful collage! I especially love the family shot where la chiquita is putting on her chapstick. Such concentration. =)

    1. Thankyou Sherry! My Chiquita actually LOVES making goofy faces... I never realized what she was up to until I saw the pics...that´s why I love them so!

  2. LOVE your collage Claudia!! :) Here's to getting those photos organized in 2012! Glad to know I wasn't the only one looking forward to the end of the month so I could put together my first collage! Isn't this fun...and so simple!! :) thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  3. love your collage!!! SO glad you decided to do this!! I did an entire album for January filled pictures, journaling and other fun things..this was my first time doing it...oh and I included my collage too...at the very beginning of the album!! I love it...and I think yours is just fantastico!!