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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tears and a home / lágrimas y un hogar

Making ourselves a home: days full of dirty faces, non-stop reusing and recycling, idea making, dream designing, dry, dust filled hands, funny moments, short tempers, lunch on the go, wall painting, furniture creating. Yesterday, after so much hard work and kiddo´s dreaming, G & G finally spent their first night in rooms of their own (the rest of the house is still a mess though). There were kisses, hugs and infinte thankyou´s. Yet, at the end of the day, in bed with papa bear, I shed a couple of tears (well maybe more than a couple). Most of it was probably from exhaustion. But part of it was, I missed little G. She´s been in our bed for months now, she´s always been close by. I missed her. I could physically feel her growing. And somehow it hurt. But that´s ok. I guess part of growing up means mama´s gonna cry a little too, right? Dreams are coming true and that moves me deeply, in many, many ways.

Creándonos un hogar: días llenos de caras sucias, reciclar y re-usar sin parar, materializando ideas, diseñando sueños, manos secas y llenas de polvo, momentos chistosos, temperamentos álgidos, comidas para llevar, paredes por pintar, muebles creados. Ayer, después de tanto trabajo duro y sueños pendientes, G&G finalmente pasaron su primera noche en cuartos propios (la casa aún está patas para arriba). Hubieron besos e infinitas "gracias". Aún así, al final del día, en cama con papá oso, dejé caer unas cuantas lágrimas (está bien, un poco más que unas cuantas). La mayor parte de ellas seguramente se debían al agotamiento. Pero parte eran porque extrañaba a G chica. Lleva meses durimiendo con nosotros, siempre ha estado cerca. La extrañaba. Puedo, físicamente, sentir como ella está creciendo. Y de alguna manera duele. Pero eso está bien. Supongo que parte de crecer significa que mamá va a llorar un poco también, ¿no? Sueños se están realizando y esto me mueve profundamente, de muchas, muchas maneras.

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  1. The paint splattered half face is a really great portrait!


  2. I agree, the diptych style, splatter paint portrait is pretty cool. Lovely photos. I especially like the color of some of your furniture.

  3. Letting your little's grow up, is hard! What a lovely night they must have had to sleep in a space all their own. I am sure she misses you as much as you miss her, but she is just moving on to the next step of growth.