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Monday, February 25, 2013

the beauty found in simple / la belleza que se esconde en lo sencillo

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1. little hands love tortilla making / manitas que aman hacer tortillas
2. a handmade closet made with painted fruit crates and left over wood / un closet hecho a mano con guacales pintados y madera de sobra
4. wooden musical merry-go-round / juguete musical de madera
5. that far off look in his beautiful eyes / esa mirada perdida, esos hermosos ojos
6. our very own private firework display. perfectly beautiful excuse to stay up late (courtesy of: those crazy dudes that every year, in the name of God knows what saint, threaten to light my house on fire. literally. little pieces of burning "stuff" falls all over our garden car, house, etc) / nuestro propio evento de fuegos artificiales privado. perfectamente hermosa excusa para desvelarnos (cortesía de: los inestables que cada año, en el nombre de Dios sabe que santo, amenazan con incendiar mi casa. literalmente. caen pedazos encendidos de "quien sabe que" por todo el jardín, encima de mi coche, casa, etc)

simple as that


  1. Beauty everywhere! What a handsome boy big G is growing up to be :)

  2. More beauty. I especially love the fireworks photos - I want your camera!! Wish you could give me personal lessons. xoxo Katrine

    1. so do i. just cause it means we´d actually have to be in the same room together. luv ya.