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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

pieces of home / pedacitos de casa

 photo DSC_0014_zpsc34d378a.jpg
 photo DSC_0026_zps171be4d0.jpg
 photo DSC_0019a_zpsdfcd0e3a.jpg
 photo DSC_0030c_zpsee27c1c5.jpg
 photo DSC_0027c_zps36f11617.jpg
 photo DSC_0035b_zpsdca82843.jpg photo DSC_0018c_zpsffa1e623.jpg
 photo DSC_0020a_zps87f0c32d.jpg
 photo DSC_0013_zpsd8202cf7.jpg


  1. love that last pic Clau! what a great way to display kitchen beauty. xo

    1. gracias!!!! so here´s my secret: my next door neighbors recieve recyclable waste and then re-sell. This is something I´ve always complained about. It´s like living next to a gigantic trash bin. They weren´t here when we bought our land and I simply hope we´ll outlive them. BUT, since I can see all the stuff they recieve from little G´s bedroom window, I´m always the first one there when beautiful trash ends up in their hands. These wooden crates were less than 50 cents a pop! Do your math! I have the most inexpensive and cutest piece of furniture in town! :)