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Sunday, April 14, 2013

why my bed is always a mess / porqué mi cama es siempre un desastre

everyday. every-day, after lunch this goes on. daddy play with me. daddy let´s jump. daddy be my horse. daddy I want to be your horse (which basically involves little G being sat on, not much horse action going on). daddy tickle me. daddy let´s play airplane. daddy don´t shake me! i´m upside down! (this he continues to do because she hasn´t yet let her lunch fall back out onto daddy´s face). everday. this is why my bed is always a mess. isn´t it wonderful?

diario. di-a-rio, después de comer, esto es lo que sucede. papi juega conmigo. papi saltemos. papi sé mi caballito. papi ahora quiero ser tu caballito (que es, básicamente, G chica con un enorme señor sentado en ella, no hay mucha acción equina). papi hazme cosquillas. papi juguempos al avión. ¡papi no me sacudas, estoy al revés! (esta práctica continúa porque ella aún no ha dejado caer su almuerzo de regreso en la cara de papi). diario. esta es la razón por la cual mi cama es siempre un desastre. es una verdadera maravilla.
 photo DSC_0060_zpsfb32da4a.jpg
 photo DSC_0038_zps5ae00260.jpg photo DSC_0028_zps046a44b3.jpg
 photo DSC_0054_zpsb08bef6a.jpg
 photo DSC_0027b_zpse2c087ec.jpg
 photo DSC_0006_zpsd1d93f63.jpg
 photo DSC_0034_zpsc877c280.jpg
 photo DSC_0094_zps699706c6.jpg
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  1. What beautiful pictures. So much love.

    1. you have no idea how much these 2 adore each other... it can be breathtaking. that´s why i´m so fond of grabbing my camera when they start at it. i know it will make for beautiful memories later on in life!

  2. Replies
    1. they do have a ball... you should hear my little G laugh to that "think i might pee my pants" moment... hilarious!

  3. Reminds me, very happily, of my father when I was a child!

    1. i see my sweet girl fully enjoy her father in a way i never could. those two give me bits of heaven when i see them play... <3

  4. I happened to have stumbled in your blog. I fell in love with your pictures. Its amazing how you make simple everyday life photos look like art work. Oh, and I enjoy reading you as well. Well, kind regards from California.


    1. quite a beautiful thing to say gaby... you lift my spirits! gracias!

  5. Great action shots, they look like they are having a lot of fun and your partner has some truly beautiful tattoos!


  6. They are just perfect for each other.