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Saturday, June 29, 2013

busy hands: summer / manitas curiosas: verano

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I believe that caring for my child´s mind and soul is just as important as caring for his or her body. health is a tree that grows skyward. it has many roots and cannot be sustained in all it´s beauty if only one of it´s roots is strong and healthy. so this is one of the ways i express my profound love for my children. i show them how to create whatever it is they desire, walk with them and guide them towards feeling empowered by the fact that:

1. they do not need external stimulation such as TV -or any other technologic crutch- to not "be bored".
2. they can begin to experiment, from a very young age, what it means to be able to create something they wish for, therefore re-evaluating and re-creating  the true meaning of the word "worth".

imagine, then make it happen.

little G made herself a camera like mama´s. she runs around with it all day long. big G made his first tote bag from scratch and is now making more to sell and be able to buy himself a skateboard and a violin.

creo que cuidar de la mente y el alma de mis hijos es tan importante como cuidar de su cuerpo. la salud es un árbol que crece hacia el cielo. tiene muchas raíces y no puede ser sostenida en toda su belleza si solo una de sus raíces es fuerte y sana. asi que ésta es una de las maneras en la que expreso mi profundo amor por mis hijos. les enseño a crear lo que desean, camino con ellos y los guío hacia el sentirse empoderados por el hecho de que:

1. no necesitan de estimulación externa tal como la tele -o ninguna otra muleta tecnológica- para no "sentirse aburridos".
2. pueden comenzar a experimentar, desde una temprana edad, lo que significa ser capaces de crear algo deseado, y por lo tanto reconsiderar y re-crear el verdadero significado de la palabra "valor".

imagínalo y después hazlo realidad.

G chica se hizo una cámara como la de mamá. la trae colgada del cuello todo el día. G grande hiso su primera bolsa "de mercado" y ahora está haciendo más para vender y poder comprar su patineta y su violín.


  1. I couldn't agree more with this post. Love it!

    Let me know when your sweet boy has his totes for sale, I will gladly buy one :)

    1. hey corrine! sorry it took me so seriously long to answer your sweet comment! My kiddo´s already got their fisrt set of tote bags done and sold!!! I´ve been selling here in our home town, but, as with my organic creams, we plan on selling ans shipping to the US and Canada soon!
      have a beautiful day!!!! <3 clau

  2. Beautifully said as always. I agree %100, eich is why in this house of ours instead of a play room we have a craft studio so their (and mine) imagination can flow freely.