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Saturday, November 23, 2013

a home made birthday / un cumpleaños hecho en casa

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turning 8 in a simple handmade way. little G got to experience making her own piñata, little gift bags and party favors. this does take time (hence the lack of time to fold the laundry) but it also makes time  for us to spend together. her sweet talented grandma made her a beautiful vegan birthday cake like no other. i love how, time after time, i am witness to how simple can be so, so sweet.

cumpliendo 8 de una manera simple y hecha a mano. G chica pudo vivir la experiencia de hacer su propia piñata, bolsitas de regalo y recuerditos. esto tome tiempo (de ahí la falta de tiempo para doblar ropa), pero también crea tiempo para estar juntas. su dulce y talentosa abuela le hizo un hermoso pastel vegano como ningún otro. amo como, una tras otra ves, soy testigo de como lo simple puede ser tan, tan dulce.


  1. That was excellent Clau! Happy Birthday to Galita! love you all!

  2. Galita is so talented like her mammina!

  3. What a great birthday party Clau! We just celebrated Myles's 6th birthday party this past weekend. He said it was the best day ever ;) Oh, and I have baskets of unfolded laundry! (((HUGS)))

  4. how wonderful. that cake and decorations were amazing. happy 8 to her!!