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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PERU: part 1 / parte 1

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part 1
such sadness entwined with the greatest happiness. hugs, kisses, long, long walks, ice cream (lucuma, my favorite), my beautiful husband singing for my sweet grandmother, dancing, singing, laughter, tears, breathing in the salty air that brings gusts of wind filled with ocean and memories. this is my Perú. this is me. this is where my love for ceviche and surf comes from, where i leave the very big family (because this is just half of it) that taught me to love just as big. we are back home, even if just for a while. preparing to say hello and learning to say a few final goodbyes. or as my partner in life says when he needs to calm my tears: it´s  a "see you later". everyone, in this life is just passing by.

parte 1
tanta tristeza entretejida con la alegría más grande. abrazos, besos, caminatas largas, helados (lucuma, mi favorito), mi hermoso esposo cantándole a mi bella nonna (abuelita), bailando, cantando, risas, lágrimas, inhalando el aire salado que trae ventarrones llenos de mar y recuerdos. este es mi Perú. ésta soy yo. aquí es donde nace mi amor por el ceviche y el surf, donde dejo a la enorme familia (porque ésta es loo la mitad) que me enseñó a amar a lo grande. estamos de regreso en casa, aunque sea solo por un ratito. preparándonos para decir hola y aprendiendo a decir adiós… o como me dice mi compañero para consolar las lágrimas: solo es un "hasta luego", todos, en esta vida estamos de paso.


  1. such beautiful pictures Claudia. the love just pours through. it is always so hard to leave family. don't you wish everyone you love could live in the same place? such is life. happy new year and welcome home

    1. thank you for your sweet words (and for always stopping by… seriously)… it is very, very hard to leave them all behind. YES , I wish we could all live in the same place… i feel a bit less lonely thanks to your words… a big hug to you sweet Clau