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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vanessa has a Home in the City / Vanessa tiene una Casa en la Ciudad

When I find something that makes my day, I wanna share the love! Don´t ask me how I discovered Vanessa, but thankfully I did. She has the sweetest blog (A Fanciful Twist) , creates exquisite art work, but above all, she seems to have a beautiful and creative mind and heart. I think a home (not a house, a home) reflects the souls of those who live in it. If I am right, then, man I wish i could grab a cup of joe with this gal! I suspect we were imported from the same planet.

Cuando encuentro algo que me hace sonreír de oreja a oreja, lo quiero compartir con el mundo. No me preguntes cómo, pero descubrí a Vanessa, y no saben lo agradecida que estoy. Ella tiene un hermoso blog (A Fanciful Twist), crea preciosas obras de arte, pero encima de todo, parece tener una deslumbrante y creativa mente y un enorme corazón. Yo creo que un hogar (no una casa, un hogar) refleja el alma de aquellos que lo habitan. Si estoy en lo correcto entonces, ¡moriría por tomarme un cafecito con esta mujer! Sospecho que fuimos importadas del mismo planeta.

"Nothing can break you, nothing can take away your imagination, nothing can stop you from creating. No one can take away your wonderful spirit. Dreams do come true. They really do. And it is true, dreams do come true if you believe. So hold on to them tight. Never give up. And, never let any other person take any of that passion away from you. You are yours. Protect your little soul, and heart. The only person you have who will be with you through everything, and hold your hand, and love you, is you!!"
Vanessa Valencia

It´s nice to know I´m not the only heart that continues to beat because beautiful still exists.

Es lindo saber que el mío no es el único corazón que continúa latiendo porque aún existe la belleza.

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