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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homeschooling summer

35 days of summer (not counting weekends) and this is our
To Do List:
(in no particular order...I´ll just prepare materials before hand and then go with the flow)

35 días de verano (sin contar los fines de semana) y esta es nuestra lista de
(no han sido puestos en algún orden especial... simplemente me surtiré de material y me dejaré llevar dependiendo de cómo vea a los chicos. No he traducido la lista pero cada uno tiene un link que explica y lleva de la mano para realizar los proyectos)

day 1. Potato Beads (so they can make they´re own window hanging or jewlery): Fase 1 - let dry for 1 week
day 2. Tie-Dye fashion
day 3. Make your own bean bag and then play! Great ideas on how to make bean bags + fun games HERE
day 4. Make their own recycled paper
day 5. Make a recycled paper place mat with decoupage and glue
day 6. Salt Dough Art
day 7. Stuffed Animal Fashion: Doll Skirt / Sew your own monster
day 8. Potato Beads: Fase 2 (painting and creating!)
day 9. Fabric Decoupage our Kitchen Stool: Day 1
day 10. Fabric Decoupage our Kitchen Stool: Day 2
day 12. Lace Lamp
day 13. Vitromosaic Cutting Board (HOT stuff!)
day 14. Kid made Stamps
day 15. Yarn Angels (Yarn Dolls)
day 16. Glue Batik day 1
day 17. Glue Batik day 2
day 18. PJ holder "Square Stuffies"
day 19. Salt Dough Mobiles
day 22. Embroidery Project

Garden Activities:
day 24. Bird Treats
day 25. Paint our window sill herb garden flower pot and let dry
day 26. Plant our little indoor herb garden

Kids in the Kitchen:
day 28. Yummy warm Tortillas
day 29. Pancake Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
day 30. No bake Honey "Pebble" Cookies

day 31. Chldren´s Museum
day 32. Bike Ride (when it´s not raining)
day 33. Hiking in Tepoztlán (even if it´s raining!)
day 34. Mexico City: Museums and hot Chocolate
day 35. Mexico City: Bazar Fusión

Starting July 12, I´ll be posting our projects and summer-home schooling adventures, so be sure to stop by and check them out!

A partir del 12 de julio estaré posteando sobre cada proyecto conforme los vayamos realizando, ¡no olviden pasar a ver cómo van quedando!

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  1. Yay!!! How fun Claudia...I can't wait to see all the projects and start making them with Lily.