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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crochet Obsessed / Obsesión Crochet

I´m obsessed with making round crochet pillows for my bohemian-chic living room. In my attempts to find a way of making these myself, I found this image at The Hungry Knitter. EVERYTHING about this picture drives me love-crazy.

Estoy obsesionada con hacer cojines de crochet redondos para mi salita estilo "bohemian-chic". En mis intentos por encontrar una manera de poder crear esto yo misma, encontré esta imagen en The Hungry Knitter. TODO lo que hay en esta foto me vuelve loca de amor.

I´m also planning to make a few pillows with crochet edges to balance the knit out with some cotton fabric.

También planeo hacer algunos cojines con bordes de crochet para equilibrar el tejido con algo de algodón.

I found THESE beautifuls that are waaaay out of my beginners leaugue, but still inspire me silly.

Encontré ESTAS hermosuras que están muuucho más allá de mis capacidades de principiante, pero aún así, me inspiran hasta el mareo.

But what made me the happiest was discovering Easy Makes Me Happy. Tara, the creative godess behind this blog, shared this amazing TUTORIAL and made my day!

Pero lo que me hizo lo que me causó la sonrisa más grande fué descubrir a Easy Makes Me Happy. Tara, la mente creativa detrás de este blog, compartió este increíble TUTORIAL e hizo de mi día uno aún más alegre.


  1. Crochet is awesome, I have been doing it since I was a toddler, no seriously I have. If you need help, let me know, I can "type" you through it ;) There are sooooooo many crochet hats and booties around here I think I'll try some pillows myself.

  2. oo-oo-oo!!!!! YES! You know what? I get the youtube tutes, but when it´s written out, you might as well be talking to me in hindi... just does not seep into my thick brain! Miss you Karencita (believe it or not)!

  3. Karencita! Help! How would you crochet this round sort of pillow?