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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

little closet tute / tutorial mini closet


This is the funky little closet I made for my sweet G and her beloved dolls.
I used:
Este es el mini-closet que hice para mi dulce G y sus amadas muñecas.

an old wooden crate (I promise to paint... promise!) / un "huacal" viejo (que prometo pintar... ¡lo prometo!)
wire /alambre
pliers / pinzas
an old clothes hanger (or wooden stick to hang the tiny clothes hangers) / un gancho para ropa (o palo de madera para poder colgar los mini ganchitos)
left over fabric / retazo de tela
zig-zag scissor / tijera de "zig-zag"

to make the mini clothes hangers:
fold over stick to shape the round part of the hanger

para hacer los mini ganchitos para ropa:
doble por encima de un palo para darle la forma redonde al ganchito

Calculate how small (or large) you want the hanger to be. Cut. Fold like so:

Calcula que tan chico (o grande) quieres que sea el ganchito. Corta. Doblar de la siguiente manera:

Twist and twist some more, helping yourself with the pliers.

Tuerce y tuerce un poco más, ayudándote con las pinzas.

finish giving it the desired shape and form with your hands

termina de darle forma con tus manos




For the curtain, a lazy Sunday mamita just:

Para la cortina, la mamita con flojers de domingo solo:

1. grabed left over fabric / agarré retazo de tela
2. cut a rectangular shape that would cover the front with a zig-zag scissor (to avoid sewing... yes... lazy Sunday) / lo corté en forma rectangular para tapar el frente con tijera de "zig-zag" (para evitar coser... si... flojera de domingo)
3. cut down the middle of the fabric (not all the way to the top) / corté a lo largo del centro de la tela (no hasta arriba)
4. tacked the fabric to the top of the crate / fije la tela con tachuelas (chinches) al la parte superiror del huacal
5. tied the fabric to the side of the crate / amarré la tela a los costados del huacal
6. organized / organizé
7. celebrated / celebré


Organizing and having fun with "garbage"

Organizando y pasandola bien con "basura"

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  1. So sweet! I can't wait to attempt to make this with Lily :)

  2. This is brilliant and I'm going to make that as soon as I find the proper crate/box.
    Thank you!

  3. Adorable little closet!i've made a doll closet few days ago but didn't have enough patience for the hangers, so i used tiny clips instead.but the hangers are much cuter.