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Thursday, May 31, 2012

a month in photos / un mes en fotos


this beautiful month / este lindo mes

♥Mr. B and I had a wedding date!!! / ¡¡¡El Sr. B y yo tuvimos una boda cita!!!
♥we welcomed little Adelita to our family and I am currently cleaning more pee and poo off the floor than I would have wished / le dimos la bienvenida a la pequeña Adelita y actualmente estoy limpiando más pipi y popo del piso de lo que hubiera deseado
♥we started our "project homestead" / comenzamos nuestro "proyecto granja en el hogar"
♥Big G turned 12!!! / ¡¡¡G grande cumplió 12!!!
♥I baked lots of cookies and cakes / horneé bastantes galletas y pasteles
♥mamita learned to always wear boots when working in the garden because the ER isn´t her favorite place in the world to end up with a totally smashed toe / mamita aprendió a siempre usar sus botas al trabajar en el jardín porque la sala de urgencias no es su lugar favorito para terminar con un dedo destrozado
♥we went to the woods and bought beautiful handmade wool sweaters / fuimos al bosque y compramos hermosos sweteres (chompas) de lana tejidas a mano
♥ spent time with my beautiful sisters / pasé tiempo con mis hermosas hermanas

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  1. looks and sounds like a wonder-full month. it was a great one for us too.

  2. Love the style of your captures. Have a wonderful June!

  3. Visiting from a month in photos. I love to look at these wonderful collages. Your's is full of LIFE and great memories ♥ Just lovely!